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TAMB has been contacted by the insurance adjuster and he requested preliminary information concerning the event. The initial information requested has been submitted to the adjuster as part of our claim. At this point we don’t know if the adjuster will need any additional information or will settle the claim based on what has been submitted The TAMB board will not be in a position to publish an official refund policy until the claims adjuster has performed his due diligence and made the final determination on coverage under our policy.

We have asked the adjuster concerning a time frame for finalizing TAMB’s claim and he said he could not give us one due to the back log of claims. Hopefully we will hear something in the next 30-45 days. Our website will continue to be the main source for any changes in the current status.

The TAMB Board continues to thank all of you for your support and patience during this process, and wants to assure you that a refund policy will be implemented as soon as possible. PLEASE CONTINUE TO MONITOR THIS WEBSITE FOR ALL UPDATES

‘Better Lending For Texas’

Texas consumers are important to us and we’d like to see them obtain the best possible mortgage. We enroll quality mortgage professionals as members and we provide them with services and support to stay on top of the industry thus the ability to provide better service to customers.

The mission of the Texas Association of Mortgage Brokers is to advance the mortgage brokerage profession through the promotion of consumer fairness, ethical practices, continuing education and legislative presence.

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