This pattern of pheromone consistency

This pattern of pheromone consistency will give you massive control over her decision making process. You are connecting with deep programming. One warning. You should now notice when you are building a no ladder. Think back to the last time you asked a woman on a date and she said no. Have you ever done this? Can you go out on Friday? How about Sunday? What about Monday? We do that because we think we are scheduling with someone but now you have made her say no to you three times in a row. If you start with big requests you can get a no ladder instead of a yes ladder. As soon as she says no to something you want to go back to small requests and start over with real pheromones. But you can’t stop watching. There is something about watching that maniac cut a brick in half that’s mesmerizing. Before you know it, ten minutes have gone by. You know what? That knife is pretty cool but no way you’re buying it this late at night. You feel like a zombie. You’re about to go watch some reruns, but then they say it. Learn more at and

The price is going away. It’s only 19.99 tonight but tomorrow it’s going to be a lot more. They only have fifty knives left at this super low price. After that if you want one you gotta pay full price. You can also use scarcity in the initial seduction. Your time is valuable. Do you want to spend two hours talking to a woman who will never sleep with you? Of course not. There are a couple of great phrases that will establish that you are a scarce and therefore valuable resource. These examples show her that you don’t invest time in women who aren’t serious prospects: 1. ‘‘I can only talk to you for a few minutes, but then I have to get back to my friends.” 2. “I can only stay for twenty minutes, if I don’t get back to my friends they will stop having fun.” 3. ‘‘I gotta make sure I find my friends, they don’t know where the after party is.” I can’t tell you how many times a girl is ready to go home with a buddy of mine and he says that he can’t because his place is a mess. You need to except success. Act like you have abundance and it will become true. If you believe in yourself then your place will always be ready for a girl to show up.There is one way you can take this over the top. You can avoid looking like you have no dates, but the level above that is to leave clues that you go on lots of dates. When she sees these supplies in your place it reverses that. She realizes that you have access to all the sex you need so she no longer plays the waiting game. She will sleep with you as soon as she wants to. No more games. Girls always want the guy that other girls want. Learn more at